When Did You Become an RVer?

Do you believe everyone remembers exactly where they were standing or sitting when they decided they should become an “RVer”? The reason I believe everyone remembers is when the idea popped in my head I was filled with overwhelming joy and a sense of amazing freedom. The first step was to suck it up and blurt the idea out to my husband as quickly as possible so he would be a bit confused about what I just said. 

The interesting thing is he went along with it almost immediately. So the next step was to add the words “full-time” before “RVer”.  He took that pretty well too! After the for sale sign went up on the house the exploring began. Oh my gosh that was fun. We were so detailed on what the RV would be with related to size, cost, colors it was so much fun to shop online for hours. We knew nothing and so learning the difference in manufactures we had a list of questions page after page. This went on for months and felt like years. The house sold and now we had to get serious. Armed with our information and our checkbook shopping began. We became RV experts per se. Then we became RV owners.

The Move To Becoming a Full-time RVer

We understand first hand all the decisions that come before a full-time RVer, especially those living in a home on wheels. The hard part came when we had to make non-discretionary decisions such as insuring the rig etc. 

There is one non-discretionary purchase in particular I am truly versed in and that is health insurance. For the last 26 years that has been my career. In 2008 when we landed in our first RV Park I didn’t realize I was about to diversify my vocation with a new focus. Everyone we met was struggling to get health insurance because “regular agents” referred to RVers as homeless. You must have an address to purchase insurance. I already understood the establishment of a domicile address and I speak “insurance” really well. 

Regular insurance agents referred to RVers as “homeless“.

Coleen Elkins – Veteran agent and full-time RVer

Does The Affordable Care Act Work for Full-time RVers?

In 2013 we introduced the Affordable Care Act for 2014 to all states. That year was fairly smooth because PPO plans were still available. In 2015 PPO plans were scarce. People began struggling when they were locked in to HMO’s that don’t travel well, and only cover medical emergencies as deemed by the insurance companies. 

We began researching the possibility of finding an insurance company that may be suitable and willing to insure those RVers living the “Nomadic Lifestyle”. We were really fortunate as six responses were received and we began to narrow them down. In no time we had people back on the road with confidence knowing their health plan was traveling with them and the premiums are affordable and stable!

At RVer Insurance Exchange, we continue to be able to offer RVers health plans that work extremely well on the road. In 2022 we have new options coming that will pair up a Subsidized Affordable Care Act plan (low cost premiums due to a tax subsidy) with a low cost PPO health plan that will help RVers keep more of their own money in their pockets. If you don’t qualify for a tax credit don’t worry we have got you covered! 


If you are looking to get more for your health insurance premium dollars and have peace of mind knowing you are able to use your health insurance anywhere in the US….and you wish to have a dedicated agent available to you whenever you have questions or need help, click here

Coleen Elkins

Coleen Elkins

Coleen Elkins is the Managing General Agent at RV Insurance Benefits, and has been a full-time RVer since 2008.