We are excited to deliver you and your pets the best, clear, uncomplicated coverage. Below are the highlights of the Trupanion Plan


  • No deductibles- There is no deductible to meet, ever. We got rid of all the confusion.  Pet parents experience the value of Trupanion in every visit.
  • Pick your payout percentage- Pick the payout percentage that works best for your budget and lifestyle starting at 50% up to 100% co-insurance.  Flexible pricing to fit any budget.
  • No waiting periods*- There is a 12-day delay in effective date.
  • Effective Date- This is the date coverage goes into effect. There is a 12-day delay in effective date once the pet signs up.
  • One simple plan- No confusing tiers or add-ons to choose from here—our one plan is all-inclusive.
  • Medical Record Summary- Pet parents and hospitals receive a Medical Record Summary within 30 days of coverage.  Your pet’s Medical Record Summary is a document that Trupanion provides to highlight conditions that started prior to your effective date that shows exactly what to expect from the start.
  • We can pay your veterinarian directly within seconds- You only pay your share of the invoice at checkout at your veterinarian’s office.
  • Unlimited Payouts- We never impose annual, per-condition, or lifetime limits. You never have to worry about running out of coverage!
  • Go to any veterinarian-   You’re free to go to any licensed veterinarian in the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico.
  • No birthday pricing- We never increase your monthly cost just because your pet gets older.


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What’s Covered

  • Diagnostic tests
  • Medications
  • Surgeries
  • Advanced Dentistry
  • Rehabilitation
  • And much more!

What’s Not Covered

  • Problems that start before your effective date
  • Routine or preventive care
  • Examination fees
  • Preventable conditions