Planning to Join the Full-Time RVing Family? Welcome!

Resources and “first steps” to transitioning to the lifestyle

Are you planning to sell your house and “hit the road”? Good for you! One of the coolest things about being a part of this community of full-time RVers is that so many of us love to blog about our adventures and share our experiences with others. This aspect of the community makes if very likely that any prospective RVer can find the answer to just about any question you have about the lifestyle. The difficulty is in knowing where to search. Below are some links to very popular blogs and clubs dedicated to the full-time RV life. You can spend weeks reading the content at these sites!

Just to name a few!

But, since you came to RVer Insurance Exchange to look for insurance information, let’s address that first. The #1 thing to remember if you are in the planning stages of becoming a full-time RVer is this…


Do not base your decision to full-time RV solely on one thing–even insurance. Furthermore, do not chose your state of residency solely based on insurance or any other single factor. This should be a multi-faceted decision!

There are many factors that must be considered surrounding this decision. Please do not make the mistake  of choosing your state of residency because insurance rates seem favorable in that state without researching all of the other aspects of full-time RVing surrounding that state, such as:


¬†DThis is not legal advice! Do you have legal questions about taxation,¬†domicile,¬†residency and more?¬†If so, there is no better source out there for legal advice than the attorneys¬†at Loring & Associates, PLLC in Livingston, TX. Call (800)-260-1615 or email [email protected]

Escapees RV Club has published a definitive guide to establishing domicile in SD, TX, or FL. Click Here to read the Escapees Domicile Step-by-Step Guide.

What coverages should you get?

Here are the top 5 coverages we think you should have if you are spending 6 months or more on the road each year (click on each one to read more):

  1. Healthcare Plan or a Medicare Plan program
  2. Health Insurance Supplement for Accidents and Critical Illnesses
  3. Auto/RV Insurance
  4. RV Extended Warranty
  5. Telemedicine

A Few Resources for Researching Full-Time RVing

These are links to specific pages that address domicile, residency, and other ideas about full-time RVing from some of the greatest bloggers on the net! Poke around at these sites and you will find a wealth of information.