Telemedicine Program

RVer Insurance Exchange is the home of the ORIGINAL UNLIMITED ACCESS Telemedicine plan for RVers! We also happen to have the BEST plan, with the BIGGEST network, and the LOWEST price!


“It still blows me away.  If there is one thing I would recommend every traveler to have, it is Telehealth.”

–Gone With TheWynns

Check out Jason’s and Nikki’s (from Gone With The Wynnspersonal testimony with using our Telemedicine Program: Click here to read their full review.


 UUpdated for 2019: We now offer Telemedicine plans from 2 different carriers! Careington uses Dial Care for their telemedicine service and HealthiestYou from UnitedHealthcare is a telemedicine plan from Teladoc. Both are excellent options but Teladoc (which I personally use) is the original telemedicine pioneer. Both use board-certified physicians and both offer unlimited FREE consults 24/7 access via phone or smartphone (video).
Individual Plan by Careington
  • Save by paying annually: $129!
  • Prescription & Vision Discounts
  • Dial Care 24/7 via phone or smartphone
  • Unlimited FREE consults
Couple Plan by Careington
  • Save by paying annually: $149!
  • Prescription & Vision Discounts
  • Dial Care 24/7 via phone or smartphone
  • Unlimited FREE consults
Family Plan by Careington
  • Save by paying annually: $159!
  • Prescription & Vision Discounts
  • Dial Care 24/7 via phone or smartphone
  • Unlimited FREE consults
Family HealthiestYou by UnitedHealthcare
  • Teladoc Service
  • Prescription Discounts
  • 24/7 Access via phone or smartphone
  • Unlimited FREE consults

** Please note: Membership will be effective on the 1st of the following month after you enroll **


Gaining access to healthcare services on the road can be very challenging. RVers are often hundreds of miles from their primary care provider. Many of us like to seek out remote or unfamiliar areas to camp and that often puts us many miles from any healthcare provider at all. Some RVers likely put off seeking medical attention simply because of the inconvenience factor of finding a provider that we can trust! Furthermore, many of us simply don’t go to the doctor because we don’t want to pay the high costs of an urgent care visit, office visit, or even ER visit.

Telemedicine can help!

Telemedicine is the use of phones, apps, emails, and computers to support long-distance clinical health care, patient and professional health-related education, public health and health administration. Telehealth is an innovative way for patients to communicate with health care providers and possibly receive care, diagnoses, or prescriptions without having to walk into a waiting room.

According to Forbes Magazine, Telemedicine was the Top Health Trend for 2014 predicting a 56% growth through 2018.

Telemedicine is an ideal fit for RVers! With high deductibles and shrinking networks becoming the norm in the health insurance industry, belonging to a telemedicine program can help bridge the gap between needing care and having coverage for us. The American Medical Association (AMA) states that 70% of doctor’s office visits can be handled over the phone and 50% of ER visits are non-emergencies.

How it works

1. Request a visit with a doctor 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by web, phone, or mobile app.

2. Talk to the doctor. Take as much time as you need…. there’s no limit!

3. If medically necessary, a prescription will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice.

Prescriptions – Dial Care doctors are U.S. board-certified and licensed to practice medicine in the state you call from. They can diagnose, treat and prescribe medication if medically necessary. When you request to speak with a doctor, they’ll ask you where you’d like any prescription to be sent; they’ll even help you find a pharmacy near you when you’re traveling.

Dial Care doctors can diagnose many health issues like cold and flu symptoms, allergies, rash, skin problems and so much more! Here is a small sample of things telemedicine is used for:

Abdominal Pain/Cramps
Acid Reflux
Animal/Insect bite
Blood Pressure issues
Bowel/Digestive issues
Eye Infection/Irritation
Joint Pain/Swelling
Pink eye
Poison Ivy/Oak
Respiratory infection
Skin Injury
Sore throat
Sprains & Strains
Vaginal/menstrual issues
Yeast infection

Your Careington Telemedicine membership includes all of this…

  • Telemedicine from Dial Care®: Dial Care® is a national network of U.S. board-certified, and state-licensed physicians who use electronic health records, telephonic consultations and online video consultations to diagnose conditions, recommend treatment and write short-term, non-DEA controlled prescriptions when medically appropriate. Physicians are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, allowing you and your family convenient access to quality care from home, work, or on-the-go as opposed to more expensive and time consuming alternatives like the doctor’s of ce or emergency room. Dial Care® has a large independent physician network in telehealth. To ensure high quality physicians, Dial Care® credentials their physicians every two years. Their physicians are also subject to a 10% random audit, which far exceeds NCQA standards. You can use Dial Care® for non-emergency medical issues such as: Cold or Flu, Sinus Infections, Allergies, Respiratory Infections, Bronchitis, Pink Eye, Urinary Tract Infections, Posion Ivy, and more.

Cost of Consultation: FREE! and UNLIMITED!


  • Vision discounts from VSP: VSP is the nation’s largest eye care provider with over 50,000 participating retail and medical locations. As a Careington member you can save 15%-35% off eye exams and eye glasses by using VSP.


  • Dental discounts from Careington Dental Network: 20%-60% on most dental procedures, 20% savings on orthodontics, and 20% reduction on specialist’s normal fees through one of the largest dental networks nationally.


  • Prescription drug savings: Simply present your membership card at any of the 60,000 participating pharmacies nationwide including Costco, Safeway, VS, Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreens and Rite Aid to receive discounts from 15% to 60% on generic drugs and 15% to 25% on brand name drugs.


  • eDocAmerica: An online health and wellness service that provides unlimited access to physicians, psychologists, pharmacists, dentists, dietitians and fitness trainers for routine medical questions and information. As a member you are able to avoid spending unnecessary time waiting in a doctor’s of ce for routine health issues that could have been easily addressed through a simple online exchange with a medical professional. You will have 24/7 web-based access to board-certified providers!

(Remember: There are NO CONSULTATION FEES with Careington’s Dial Care plan!)