Accident and Critical Illness Insurance

(If you are looking for our Medicare Supplement Insurance Page please go here.)

If you have a high deductible ACA health insurance plan and/or your health insurance coverage does not have good out-of-network benefits then you should consider getting a plan to supplement your existing coverage.

As RVers our biggest concerns as it relates to health insurance are an accident or a critical illness diagnosis. Ideally your health insurance will cover you in these situations; but as we all know this is not necessarily the case anymore. You often have to pay a $6,000-$7,000 deductible first (even for urgent and emergency care) and if you are outside of your plan’s network  then you can be exposed to a much larger deductible and unlimited out of pocket amount.

A good solution is to get a plan that will give you first dollar coverage for accidents and critical illnesses. These plans work great with any ACA plan and are relatively inexpensive. Coverage can be available for anyone up to age 70. The best part…NO HEALTH QUESTIONS! 

We have finally found a bundled plan that we think fits the RV lifestyle because it includes:

  • No health questions
  • Issued up to age 70
  • No networks to deal with…pays you cash no matter where you are!
  • Includes coverage for accidents
  • Includes coverage for critical illnesses
  • Includes life insurance
  • Includes accident death and dismemberment coverage
  • Includes accident disability income!
  • Includes roadside assistance reimbursement!

This plan is offered by Madison National Life Insurance Company, a member of the IHC Group which has been offering Short Term Medical plans to our RV members for a while now.

*This plan is not available to WA, CA, or MT residents. We offer a separate plan for residents of those states.

If you have any questions about these plans then please contact us here.