Dental and Vision Insurance

As RVers, worrying about where you are going to get your next set of contacts or replace a broken pair of glasses is a headache you don’t need. When you are five states from away from home enjoying the RV lifestyle, you don’t want that special cut short having to head back home for dental or vision care. Nor do you want to worry about waking up in a new city with a toothache or a lost filling. Having Dental and Vision Insurance is a necessity.

Being able to receive quality Dental and Vision care while you are on the road is important to RVers. Most insurance agents don’t understand the special needs of the RVer. RVers travel a lot, and many are full time. This means you many  not always be close to a regular dentist or eye doctor. Whether it’s time for an annual checkup or a dental or vision emergency, you need the flexibility to obtain care wherever you are.

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You can purchase a stand alone dental & vision plan right here at RVer Insurance Exchange. Our insurance experts are RVers too. They understand what it means to be a full time or part time RVer. They can help advise you on the right plan for your needs. Just complete the Dental/Vision quote form at the bottom of this page.

dental and vision insurance