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Protect your RV with an Extended Warranty

RV Extended Warranty Coverage protects RVers and the investment they have made in their Motorhome, Travel-Trailer, Fifth-Wheel, Pop-Up and Truck Camper. An RV Warranty will step in to pay for many of the mechanical breakdowns your rig may face, ranging from your refrigerator to your diesel engine, providing travelers with a safeguard against the rising cost of RV Repairs.

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Why an RV Extended Warranty?

Did you know that 3 out of every 10 RV’s will suffer a major breakdown by just their 2nd year on the road?

This jumps to 8 out of 10 RV’s by their 5th year, and nearly every RV by their 8th. Whether you’re just picking up a new RV or are well into your travels, an RV Warranty can provide you with the peace of mind that one of these major repairs won’t sideline your rig, and break your RVing budget.

RV breakdowns and mechanical failures are incidences that plague RVers every day, but with an RV Extended Warranty and a successful claims process, RV owners can walk away saving thousands of dollars.

RV Warranties and Peace of Mind

The #1 Benefit of an RV Warranty is Peace of Mind. One of the most intimidating parts of RV travel can be the unknowns, and this includes a major breakdown. There is simply nothing worse than having an RV failure, and whether you’re stuck on the side of the road with an engine problem, unable to get your slides to retract so you can get out of a campground and get back on the road, or having to delay a trip because your RV is in the shop, the question marks surrounding the repair can be exhausting. An RV Warranty can help provide you with peace of mind that you won’t be stuck with a huge repair bill at the end of an already stressful situation.

Additionally, many RV Warranty providers can set you up with added coverage to make you feel as secure as possible on your next trip. Look into Tire and Wheel Protection to pay for those pricey RV tires when they’re damaged by road hazards, and comprehensive RV Roadside Assistance packages to assist you in emergencies. These companion pieces are essential to truly stress-free RVing. Enjoy your vehicle to the fullest with the maximum support of an RV Warranty and RV Protection package.

How does an RV warranty protect my travel budget?

  • An extended RV warranty covers the cost of RV repairs for mechanical and electrical failures
  • Exclusive opportunity to lock in multiple years of coverage now, and get the best value
  • Work with an RV protection expert to find the level of coverage and deductible option that best suits your RV lifestyle
  • Wholesale Warranties only works with top-rated RV extended warranty companies with a proven history of paying claims
  • Take the stress out of RV repairs when you let us pick up the bill!

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Wholesale Warranties offers a comprehensive line of RV Warranty coverage options. From Exclusionary Policies, to Listed Component, and even Powertrain coverage, their goal is to present you with the policy that best compliments your specific needs for your specific vehicle.

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Please note that your RV must be less than 15 years old and motorized units should have less than 125,000 miles to qualify for an extended warranty plan.

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