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A Fixed Benefit Insurance plan, also known as fixed indemnity, is one that pays a predetermined amount of money for any qualified medical services you receive, regardless of what the total bill for the qualified service might be.

Fixed benefit plans pays for hospitals services, emergency room, air and ground ambulance, surgery (including assistant surgeon, facility, and anesthesia fees), doctor visits (including second opinions), wellness and preventive, prescriptions drugs, diagnostic lab and imaging, and more.

A fixed benefit (fixed indemnity) health plan does not force you to select your primary care physician, giving  you the freedom of choice you might need while on the road RVing, whether full time or part time. RVers, particularly full timers, adhere to a fairly structured and limited income schedule. Being able to anticipate and control healthcare costs is right up there with managing fuel costs, campground costs, and RV maintenance. A fixed benefit plan can help in this regard.

Let our knowledgeable RV savvy agents quote a fixed benefit plan for you today. They will actually take the time to work with you, and find out what is best for you, the RVer. Whether you are full time, or just thinking about it, our agents can help.

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