A Guide to the Twisting Roads and Steep Grades of Health Insurance for Full Time RVers

Having studied “full-time RV living” for a year before we took possession of our house on wheels, I understood legal domiciles. You cannot live at the UPS store if you want to purchase health insurance for full time RVers, or negotiate financial transactions. In the case of some health insurance companies, if you use an inappropriate address you may be subject to claims not getting paid or worse, having the policy cancelled back to the effective date. This could cause financial ruin if you had a large claim. 

Full Time RVer and Insurance Professional

When we began our RVing journey in 2008 I had already been a licensed health insurance agent for 13 years. As we started meeting new friends in RV parks I kept hearing the same question over and over. Can you help us? 

RVers were being told that they can’t get health insurance because they don’t have a legal address. They were treated as if they were “homeless”. (I remember being called homeless, but it came from my daughter who thought we had lost our minds when we turned full time RVers).

Thirteen RVing years later and 26 years into my career we have watched health insurance evolve and change from state-specific governing, to federally regulated. PPO plans are no longer available under the Affordable Care Act. In 2021 the Federal government has made many changes that many RVers may or may not be aware of.

Federal Changes Affect Health Insurance for Full Time RVers

In our RV insurance Benefits office we spend a lot of time reviewing daily legislative updates. We are rarely surprised when an Executive order or Federal mandate causes a detour for health insurance for full time RVers. We take the time to understand each new legislation, how it affects full time RVers, and how we can help. We are ready with more knowledge at every turn to help RVers stay on the road. By the way, did you know RVers are known for their resilience? 

Sometimes Bad Things Have to Happen Before Your Policy Pays

If you are on an Affordable Care Act Plan, the out of pocket maximum; the amount you have to pay before the policy pays at 100 percent, is $8550.00 per person for 2021. That is a per person out of pocket maximum. Most people don’t keep money like that set aside for medical expenses. Essentially, something really bad would have to happen to you and cost more than $8,550 before you see a dime from your policy.

If you qualify for a “cost sharing reduction”, based on income, you may be able to reduce your financial liability. Cost sharing reduction is a small opening for some people to have “richer benefits” meaning less out of pocket financial responsibility. Some people have created that opening by strategically planning their annual income. There is a downside to that strategy if you happen to need financing the same year. If you qualify for a cost sharing reduction you also are qualifying for reduced monthly premium costs. 

Graphic showing letters ACA, representing the affordable care act for possible health insurance for full time RVers

News Flash – You Might Not Be Covered with ACA

At this very moment those with an income of $150k or less qualify for a federal tax credit, aka a subsidized health plan through the Affordable Care Act. This opportunity can save you money, and ends August 15th, 2021 unless the federal government extends it again, which has happened before. The only caveat for RVers is even if it is free in most instances, the Affordable Care does not cover you when you leave your service area EXCEPT for a medical emergency. 

Affordable Care Act health insurance DOES NOT COVER YOU when you leave your service area EXCEPT for a medical emergency.

Health Insurance is not a one size fits all. In fact the policy your neighbor is insuring themselves with may be a disaster for you. At RVer Insurance we do have very interesting and unique ways to provide you with health insurance that is affordable and travels with you. All our plans are ongoing and renewed each year without you having to reapply. In some cases you may have two affordable policies that work together to help you keep more of your own money in your pocket. Everything we do is within the insurance guidelines and regulations. 

Custom Health Insurance for Full Time RVers

Through RVer Insurance, the team at RV Insurance Benefits are RVer’s, helping full time RVers, and those that want to be. We listen to you, and after finding out what is important to you, we will offer solutions specifically designed for you and your needs.

Once your policy is in place, your dedicated licensed and trained agent becomes your GPS, to help you to navigate your health plan. Here is the best part: our advocacy services are at no cost to you! RV Insurance Benefits Health Insurance and Medicare agents are compensated by the health insurance companies to be your advocate once your policy is in place. We guide you when you need us. 

Request your free needs analysis and quote today. Your name and information stays with us so your phone will not be constantly ringing. Just one call from a very helpful agent and RVer wanting to know what is important to you. 

About the Author

Coleen Elkins is the Managing General Agent at RV Insurance Benefits, and has been a full-time RVer since 2008.

Coleen Elkins

Coleen Elkins

Coleen Elkins is the Managing General Agent at RV Insurance Benefits, and has been a full-time RVer since 2008.