What Can You Do Throughout the Summer to Prepare for Open Enrollment in the Fall?

As the summer days gradually turn warmer and longer, it’s not just the barbecue or the next scenic route that should be on an RVer’s mind. Summer is also the perfect time to prepare for the health insurance open enrollment period that kicks off in the fall. Though it might seem like a mundane task compared to the adventurous lifestyle of RVing, it’s crucial to ensuring your peace of mind while on the road. Let’s delve into what RVers need to consider during the summer to make sure they’re ready for open enrollment.

Understand Your Current Coverage

Before you can decide what you need, you need to fully understand what you have. Dedicate some time to examine your current health insurance plan. Look at the costs, benefits, and any coverage limitations, particularly when you’re traveling away from your coverage area. Does your current plan cover you in all the states where you travel? Are there network restrictions? Are you satisfied with the level of coverage?

3 Reasons You Should Not Wait until Open Enrollment

There are three reasons you might not want to wait until open enrollment to pursue a change in your health insurance coverage.

  1. If you are currently uninsured you do not have to wait for an open enrollment.
  2. If you are paying so much for your health insurance and can’t afford it, you should make a change now. It’s better to go underinsured than not insured at all.
  3. If you are losing benefits due to loss of employment or demographic change and have discovered that Cobra is too expensive, you should also start looking into alternate solutions today.

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Evaluate Your Health Care Needs

Your health care needs might change from year to year. Consider whether there have been any significant changes to your health or the health of your family members in the past year. Do you have any planned surgeries, procedures, or other health needs in the coming year that your current plan doesn’t cover or inadequately covers?

Assess Your Budget Before Open Enrollment

While considering the coverage you need, you should also keep your budget in mind. How much are you currently paying for your health insurance plan, and how much are you willing or able to pay in the coming year? You need to factor in premiums, deductibles, copayments, and out-of-pocket maximums.

Consider RVer Specific Needs

RVers have unique needs when it comes to health insurance. They often travel out of their insurance coverage areas and may need emergency care in different states. Consider a plan that has nationwide coverage or a plan that offers a good balance between cost and out-of-network coverage.

RV Insurance and RV Warranty

Health insurance is just one piece of the puzzle. You also need to think about your RV insurance and warranty. Like health insurance, you should review your current RV insurance policy and your RV warranty. Consider whether these plans are offering you the coverage you need at a price you can afford. 

Research Options on RVerInsurance.com

Now that you’ve assessed your needs, you can start researching your options. RVerInsurance.com is a great resource that specializes in health insurance for the RVing community. They understand the unique insurance needs of RVers and offer solutions tailored to those needs. You can compare different health insurance plans, RV insurance, and RV warranties all in one place.

Prepare Your Documents

Lastly, start gathering the necessary documents. You’ll need proof of income, personal identification documents, and any other paperwork required for enrollment. Having these ready in advance can make the enrollment process smoother and quicker.

Keep an Eye on the Open Enrollment Dates

Make sure to mark the open enrollment dates on your calendar. You don’t want to miss the window of opportunity to secure the coverage you need.

Open Enrollment period for 2024 health plans starts November 1, 2023, and ends January 15, 2024, in most states. Plans sold during Open Enrollment start as early as January 1, 2024.”


The freedom and adventure of RVing come with its own set of responsibilities, and ensuring you’re covered with the right health insurance, RV insurance, and warranty is one of them. With thorough preparation during the summer, you’ll be ready to make informed decisions during the open enrollment period in the fall. Your health and your RV are your most precious assets on the road, and they deserve the best protection possible.

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