Sometimes Your Health Plan Needs a Companion Too

Living the RV Life brings a new meaning to the word “companionship”. Perhaps you have been RVing for a long time or perhaps you are brand new. As you get on the road and are learning to be a competent and confident RVer you will quickly learn that those who surround you in the RV parks are more than willing to share experiences, and help you learn how to be a confident and safe RVer. Your health plan needs to be a part of that process as well.

What is a Companion?

The word companion generally refers to a person or animal that is a friend or partner to someone. It comes from the Latin word “companionem,” which means “one who shares bread with another.

Reflecting back on the last fifteen years of being a companion to and helping the RV Community insure their health, it has been an amazing journey. The twists and turns and unforeseen obstacles to make sure we are protected by our health insurance policies on the road resemble the Million Dollar Highway in Colorado. It’s been a beautiful ride, but sometimes it’s a little scary.

Two Journeys: Your RV and Your Health

As we begin our journey it is important to make sure we have insured our RV and ourselves in a way that provides us peace of mind that our insurance is going to be there when we need it. COVID relief drastically reduced the cost of The Affordable Care Act by increasing eligibility to higher income wage earners. However, as the revisions expanded, the benefits shrunk, and networks became more narrow. 

“In today’s health insurance market, the plans purchased at are not suitable for those of us who leave the county we purchased our insurance in.”

pills, money, a stethoscope, all surrounded by the words "supplemental health insurance" for your health plan.

A Companion for Your Health Plan

While primary health insurance is designed to provide coverage for a wide range of medical services, there are certain situations where it may not fully meet an individual’s needs. In these cases, a supplemental or companion health insurance plan can help to provide additional coverage and financial protection. 

Companion, or supplemental health plans have been created to affordably close the gap of the shortfalls of the ACA health plans. There are several reasons why someone, especially RVers, might consider a supplemental health insurance plan:

  1. Coverage gaps: Primary health insurance plans may have limitations or exclusions on certain types of treatments or services, such as dental care or vision care. A supplemental for your health plan can help to fill in these coverage gaps and ensure that an individual has access to the care they need.
  2. Out-of-pocket costs: Even with primary health insurance, individuals may still be responsible for paying deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance. A supplemental plan can help to cover these out-of-pocket costs and reduce the financial burden on the individual.
  3. Network limitations: Your health plan may have restrictions on which healthcare providers and facilities are covered. A supplemental plan can provide additional network options and allow an individual to choose the healthcare providers they prefer.
  4. Specific health conditions: Some supplemental plans are designed to provide coverage for specific health conditions or treatments, such as cancer or critical illness. These plans can help to provide additional financial protection and peace of mind.

Let Us Analyze Your Health Insurance Plan

By combining a primary health insurance plan with a supplemental or companion plan, individuals can ensure that they have comprehensive coverage for their healthcare needs and protection from unexpected medical expenses. Companion health plans are affordable and will help you cover the shortfalls of the ACA by bringing first dollar benefits. First dollar benefits will assist you with the high deductible or maximum out of pocket expenses, or perhaps finding yourself out of network. 

Contact us today and explore your options. Our services are at no cost to you, and you can get a free quote online. You can even call us for your health insurance needs at (800) 867-4330. When you do, you’ll be speaking with someone who completely understands your RV lifestyle. We are RVer’s helping RVers. Visit today.

Coleen Elkins

Coleen Elkins

Coleen Elkins is the Managing General Agent at RV Insurance Benefits, and has been a full-time RVer since 2008.