Full time RVers have different needs when it comes to health insurance. Finding the best health insurance for full time RVers is more than just finding a local in-network doctor. After all, what is local to a full time RVer? This week it might be Utah, and next week Florida. Not every insurance agent truly understands that a full time RVer typically does not have a residence and uses a domicile address as a home base. This is just one of the many nuances that an agent must understand in order to properly assist full time RVers obtain the best health insurance coverage.

Which Domicile State Should You Choose?

There are some states that are already very popular domicile states for RVers. Texas, Wyoming, and South Dakota lead the list. Income tax, property tax, vehicle registration and more all factor into deciding which state should be your domicile state as a full time RVer. However, before making a final decision you must get a health insurance quote. Health insurance rates fluctuate wildly across state lines. Saving a few hundred dollars in taxes in one state could be easily negated by health insurance costs in another. Once you have narrowed down your potential domicile states, get a free, quality, health insurance quote from a knowledgeable agent from a site like RVerInsurance.com.

Insurance for full time RVers
Get health insurance quotes for every state you are considering for domicile

Healthcare for Full Time RVers

Getting proper healthcare for full time RVers goes hand in hand with proper insurance. Your insurance agent needs to understand that you will potentially be traveling all over the country in your RV. Your primary care provider will change, your ability to obtain prescription drugs will differ, as will the potential for emergency care. There isn’t a simple canned answer or easy button you can push for full time RVers. You need agents that have been there and understand all of the unique scenarios and will take the time to find a plan that fits your needs. You’ll need a healthcare and insurance plan in place that doesn’t leave you unprotected and vulnerable with unforeseen loopholes or gotchas.

Medicare Supplement Insurance for Full Time RVers

Full time RVers that are on or nearing Medicare stage are no different. The process of getting and signing up for Medicare is fairly universal both in process and acceptance. What is different for RVers is adding on the popular and often necessary Medicare Supplement Insurance. Here again, those same rules that apply to finding the best health insurance for full time RVers, apply here.

Added to the mix is a larger emphasis on prescription drugs. The potential for additional medical needs such as diabetes care or CPAP equipment is higher too. This additional care must properly supplement Medicare provisions, while not breaking the bank of those who may be retired or on a fixed income. Once again there is simply no substitute for quality agents that have actually been there and know the correct processes to help full time RVers.

Medicare Supplement Insurance
Medicare Supplemental Insurance can be vital to a strong health plan

Who Sells the Best Insurance for RVers?

Over the years a clear leader has emerged when it comes to finding the best insurance for full time RVers, RVerInsurance.com. In addition to having all of the popular insurance company brands at their disposal, the agents associated with RVer Insurance Exchange are real RVers. They have navigated those complex waters not only for themselves, but for thousands of other RVers as well. The team of agents at RVer Insurance will take the time to actually talk to you and understand your particular needs. Then they’ll work with major insurance companies like Philadelphia American, Cigna, BlueCross BlueShield, Humana and more. They will build a comprehensive plan that fills your insurance need without exposing any vulnerable gaps in coverage. Best of all, they provide a FREE quote.

Additional Types of Health Insurance Plans

At RVer Insurance, you can also get quotes for Group insurance, Accident and Critical Illness, and Fixed Benefit Medical insurance. You’ll also find Dental and Vision, and Long Term Care insurance. The team at RVer Insurance has you covered. Their goal is to provide that RVer to RVer personal touch you can’t get anywhere else.

RV Insurance for Full Time RVers

Once you have your health insurance needs sorted out, don’t forget that RVer Insurance Exchange can handle your RV insurance needs as well. Get a free quote on insurance for your motorhome, 5th wheel, or travel trailer. You can even find links for RV extended warranties and pet insurance at RVer Insurance Exchange . Visit RVerInsurance.com today and make sure you are ready for Open Enrollment 2021.

RV and Pet Insurance
RVerInsurance.com also offers RV insurance and even pet insurance

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