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Andy Pargh, known nationally as The Gadget Guru, is famous for testing and trying new things and reporting his honest results. A long-time RVing guru as well, Andy has purchased and tested the EyeQue VisionCheck. In the video, Andy interviews EyeQue’s Phoebe Yu and reports his findings. You’ll also hear his questions and the detailed information provided by Phoebe.

The Gadget Guru gives a full review of the EyeQue VisionCheck System

VisionCheck is great for RVers

RVers, especially full-timers, are on the road a lot. Staying in one spot long enough for a vision appointment and waiting for glasses isn’t always easy for traveling RVers. The new products from EyeQue may be a solution. Much of the medical industry is trending towards telemedicine and other forms of remote care. Eye care is the next logical link in the chain. At RVer Insurance Exchange, we are always trying to bring as many products and services together that benefit the RVer.

The EyeQue Test – Which Product is For You?

After watching The Gadget Guru’s EyeQue video, you’ll next want to jump over to the their website to take the EyeQue Test. This will help you determine which product is right for you. EyeQue offers a variety of products to help you focus on your vision needs. You may need one or more of these very affordable products, which Andy discusses in his video.

  • VisionCheck
  • Personal Vision Tracker
  • Insight
  • PDCheck

Each product is designed to fill a specific testing need. The EyeQue VisionCheck is for everyone, and is the primary device you’ll use to check your vision. You’ll use the VisionCheck device, your smartphone, and the EyeQue app to measure your eyesight and generate EyeGlass numbers. EyeGlass numbers are generated in the familiar prescription format of sphere, cylinder, and axis.

The EyeQue VisionCheck
The EyeQue VisionCheck

Your EyeQue Review

With your new settings, you can order low cost, custom made test glasses to check your vision with the new numbers. If you are happy with the results, you can use those same numbers to order new eyeglasses and frames from any popular eyewear retailer. Remember too that you will still need periodic vision health assessments. However, the EyeQue system of products makes getting updated glasses easier than ever. You’ll want to watch the video again, and visit the EyeQue website to see what other products they have and which one(s) may apply to you.

Your Vision Insurance

RVer Insurance is the leader in providing health insurance for RVers. With a team of insurance agents that are also real RVers, they know what you need. Visit the RVer Insurance Exchange Dental and Vision page and get a free quote for vision insurance.