Recently signed executive orders mean that the Affordable Care Act SEP (Special Enrollment Period) has been reopened to run from February 15th to May 15th, 2021.

This means RVers can enroll in, or change health coverage without having to experience a qualifying event.

Review Your Health Insurance with RV Specialists

This is great time to review the options you have with your existing policy, or better yet, have someone who knows what RVers need take a second glance at that policy.

There is a PPO Affordable Care Act policy alternative that travels with you, and is very affordable. There are no penalties for not having an ACA plan, you just need to have some kind of plan. Why not get one that makes sense for RVers and doesn’t lock you down to a specific location. RVers want to travel, your policy needs to allow that.

We purchase health insurance to transfer risk from ourselves to an insurance company. The idea is to do that as affordably as possible, and allow you the freedom to enjoy the RV LIFE. This unique special enrollment period allows that.

RVers should take advantage of the Special Enrollment Period
RVers should take advantage of the Special Enrollment Period

Where Can You Get Affordable Insurance?

Before you jump into the government sanctioned Health Insurance Marketplace, exercise a little freedom and get a free quote from RVer Insurance today. Our agents are experienced specifically in the realm of health insurance for RVers. Take advantage of that knowledge and visit before you look anywhere else.

Let us help you keep more money in your pocket starting today! Take advantage of this rare, additional special enrollment period and get a health insurance quote designed for RVers.