One of the most memorable parts of the start of any new year is the ritual of setting New Year’s resolutions. I love hearing the different goals that so many of us set for ourselves to try and improve various circumstances in our lives. It probably comes as no surprise that there are a handful of these goals that seem to surface year after year; wanting to be more financially responsible, wanting to be healthier, wanting to spend more time on passions.

         As a licensed health insurance agent, I view some of these resolutions through a different lens than most. It’s easy to see how health insurance impacts all three of these common resolutions. This year more than ever, there are several misconceptions propagated through the media regarding the confusing world of health insurance in America. As we continue down the path we are on as a country, it is more important than ever to have a basic understanding of how health insurance, and your own plan’s benefits, work. This can be a daunting task, but at RVer Insurance, we are here to help travel lovers and RVers find suitable coverage plans, and provide great customer service.

Health Insurance For $10 Per Month – Fact or Fiction?

Finances are always at the forefront of everyone’s mind. One cost that we are all aware of, and that many of us have recently purchased, is a health insurance plan. Anyone who has been on the Federally Facilitated Exchange shopping for 2022 plans has probably noticed all the premium tax credits & premium subsidies available this year. In fact, President Joe Biden stated in January that thanks to the American Rescue Plan, “four out of five consumers are finding quality coverage for under $10 a month.” Though this statement was fact-checked and proven mostly false by Politifact, an independent fact-checking journalism source, much of the American population believes it to be true.

Too Good to be True

$10 a month for health insurance that just last year cost $300 or $400 per month…what a deal! This is the sentiment that most clients feel when confronted with these new subsidies. One important bit that does seem to fall through the cracks is that even though the policyholder is only responsible for the subsidized insurance premium, the federal government is still paying the unsubsidized amount to the insurance company. And where are they getting all this money from? When the Affordable Care Act was created, money was pulled from Medicare. But Medicare is scheduled to go bankrupt in 2026. 

It is this insurance agent’s opinion that these funds will end up being shouldered by U.S. citizens, in the form of taxes. This system seems unsustainable.

Carly Ziegler – Heath Insurance Professional & Licensed Agent

Health Insurance Should Actually Cover Your Health!

Having health insurance coverage is great, but it also needs to actually cover things to be of use to policyholders. For RVers, most exchange plans offer almost zero out-of-network benefits, and most plan networks are regional or, at best, state specific HMO’s. These network restrictions are not publicized when people are shopping for plans and are best found in the plan’s Summary of Benefits.

For those who travel and RV, having $10/month health insurance seems like it would be a great way to save money – but if you spend time out of your plan network, you are actually leaving yourself extremely financially vulnerable to enormous claims should any type of medical event occur. In 2019, the median American savings account balance was $5,300. How would that cover a $200,000 medical claim for an emergency procedure?

Think about this carefully. If you are buying a plan with zero out-of-network benefits, and you are always traveling out of network…this is a problem!

Senior woman sits outside of her RV and admires the scenery.

How Does Your Health Insurance Impact Your Health?

         This one seems like it should be easy to answer, but again there are some things to consider here that aren’t apparent on the surface. Many people consider going to the doctor for yearly preventive care and screenings an integral component of a healthy lifestyle. If you are an RVer with a HMO or regional network plan, you will have to return to your plan network to access any preventive care benefits for wellness exams, physicals, or other preventive screenings. This is not always practical for people who are on the road all over the country. Additionally, with many HMO plans you are required to select a primary care physician who must refer policyholders to see a specialist.

I frequently hear, “If I am sick or injured, I will simply return to my plan’s network to seek care.” This statement is concerning to me. Driving hundreds or possibly thousands of miles to get back to your primary care provider, getting a referral for a specialist, and then waiting on that appointment, could be a very lengthy process. This can be made more difficult if there is some type of injury or sickness in effect. This situation could negatively impact someone’s health, and potentially encourage them to not seek medical attention for conditions they view as not bad enough to justify the effort of getting to the right doctor.

Living Your Best Life!

I encourage everyone to live their best life. The RVing community is full of folks who are getting out there to see things, experience new places, create new adventures and memories, and defy the status quo! These are all admirable traits that define a community of people who are really all about living their lives to the fullest. I hope that within this community, people can protect themselves with health insurance coverage that fits their lifestyle, and helps them achieve their goals, rather than creating obstacles.

Safety, security, and peace of mind are all achievable with the right health insurance – for many RVers that is one of the nationwide PPO plans that RV Insurance Benefits and the RVer Insurance Exchange offers. Please review your current plan’s benefits to make sure it is aligned with your needs and lifestyle, and if there is anything we can do to help; we are a “request for information” away!

Carly Ziegler

Carly Ziegler

Carly Ziegler is a licensed health insurance professional working specifically with RVers who travel and need proper insurance.