Have You Enrolled In 2016 Health Insurance Yet?

December 15, 2015 is the last day you can enroll and still get coverage to start on January 1, 2016!

Our goal here at RVer Insurance Exchange is to give each person we talk to the time you need to make the right choice and complete your enrollment on time. Unfortunately this means that, given the bottle-necking that a limited enrollment window inevitably causes, we may not be able to get to every person that wants our help. Still, our aim is to not rush those that we are able to help. So with that we will be implementing a deadline to receive assistance from us for a January 1, 2016 enrollment date:

Our office will be available to assist with enrollments up until 5:00 PM Central Time on Monday December 14, 2015. If you would like our assistance with choosing and enrolling in a plan then please submit your request ASAP. After 5:00pm December 14 all enrollments trying to meet the December 15 deadline will be self-service only (see enrollment links below) since we will not be able to assist everyone trying to enroll at the last moment. We will be open and available through the December 11-13 weekend. 

Between Friday December 11 and Wednesday December 15 we will only be assisting RVers domiciled in the following states with their enrollments:  Arizona, Florida, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, Washington, and Texas.

Our office will close on Tuesday December 15 at 5:00pm Central Time. We will resume normal business on Wednesday December 16 for those wanting coverage after January 1, 2016.

Enrollment Links:

**Request A Custom Quote (On or Off Exchange)
On-Exchange 5 Minute Enrollments! self-service
Quote Your Own Off Exchange self-service

** Not available after 5pm December 14 if you want a January 1 effective date unless you are losing other coverage or otherwise have a special enrollment situation that allows you to enroll through December 31 for January 1 coverage!

Are You Currently Insured with Assurant Health (Time Insurance)?

If you are enrolled with Assurant Health in 2015 and are losing your coverage then you have until December 31, 2015 to enroll in a new plan with a different carrier. Please use one of the enrollment links above to choose a new plan for 2016.

How to Pay Your Premiums

Are you getting emails to call us to arrange payments for your 2016 health insurance? Please disregard that email as  you will be making payments directly to your insurance company.

Use these helpful links to find payment instructions for your insurance carrier:

Avera Health payments
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas payments
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee payments
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona payments
Florida Blue payments
Humana payments (Automatic bank draft only in 2016!)
Scott&White payments
United Healthcare payments

Providing Income or Other Documentation to the Marketplace

Please read your Eligibility Letter from the Marketplace if you are using a subsidy in 2016 (this letter is emailed to you as an attachment when you receive your enrollment confirmation email from us)! If you get an email stating that you have a message waiting for you at Healthcare.gov it is likely a copy of this Eligibility Letter.

This document gives you important instructions on providing the federal government with further eligibility documentation–including income, immigration status, and other eligibility reconciliations.

For more information please go here to read what to do if the Marketplace needs more information from you! You generally have 90 days from your application date to resolve inconsistencies. Ignoring these requests can result in the loss of your 2016 subsidy.

Consider A Telemedicine Plan!

We’ve said it before…this is a “must have” for fulltime travelers as more and more PPO insurance companies disappear and make it difficult to access care on the road (unless you want to pay out of network costs). With aCareington Telemedicine program you can have 365/24/7 access to a doctor with the use of communication outlets like email, phone, smartphone app, and video calling! The plan we have with Careington gives you UNLIMITED consultations with eDoc and Teladoc! Plus you will receive discounts on things like vision, dental, and prescription drugs.

Click below for more information and to enroll today. Plans start at $129/year!

Get Telemedicine!

Personalized, Primary Care from MDVIP

As a member of an MDVIP-affiliated practice, you can enjoy benefits such as 24/7 availability to your primary care doctor who truly knows you, same-day or next-day appointments that start on time, a customized wellness plan, and a travel program when you’re away from home. MDVIP transforms traditional healthcare to offer invaluable personalized care. To learn more click below orcall (855) 988-2858 to schedule a free get-acquainted meeting.

The RVer Insurance Exchange does not sell nor earn commissions from MDVIP memberships–we simply promote them as a great service for RVers to consider. 

Learn about MDVIP