Announcement: United Healthcare cuts commissions, hours later Silver plans

ANNOUNCEMENT 11/16/2015:

5:04 PM MT

In another big surprise in the health insurance industry today, United Healthcare–the largest health insurer in the country–made a surprise announcement that effective 11/17/2015 they are cutting agent commissions to a near-zero amount. Not that many people would know or care about this fact, but it is usually the first indicator that something else is coming (Assurant Health did this within weeks of announcing they are closing their doors for good). Hours later when trying to quote Silver plans for clients we noticed that they have removed, without notice, all Silver plans from their website.

This is particularly troubling for the RV community because United Healthcare is one of the last remaining health insurers with a nationwide network plan (via their EPO network of 800k providers) being offered OFF Exchange. Bronze plans are still available and it is unclear what their next move is.

We will update this page as we hear more.

UPDATE 11/17/2015 10:05AM MT:

In an attempt to encourage more enrollments in Bronze plans, United Healthcare has intentionally removed all Silver & Gold level health plans from their website and quoting engines for OFF Exchange. You can still enroll in a Silver or Gold plan but only by your broker calling them for a quote over the phone and then submitting a paper application for enrollment.

ON Exchange you can still enroll online for Silver and Gold plans with United Healthcare.

UPDATE 11/19/2015 8:32 AM MT:

Well, not a really big surprise but United Healthcare has now announced they may pull out of Obamacare completely in 2017: Read the story