Self-Service ACA Enrollment

Welcome to the Self-Service ACA Enrollment Page! Use this page to run your own health insurance quotes, compare plans, qualify for a subsidy, and enroll. All enrollments done through this page will not be monitored or serviced by an insurance broker at RVer Insurance Exchange. If you prefer a Broker-Assisted enrollment process then please GO HERE.

Who should use this page:

Those whom do not want or need the assistance of an insurance broker but still want to avoid having to enroll at (our application is quicker and easier).

How to Enroll

There are two options for enrolling in a plan here on the Self-Service page: On Exchange and Off Exchange. On Exchange is for subsidy-eligible individuals while Off-Exchange is for those not qualifying for or not wanting to use a Obamacare subsidy.

Option #1 : On-Exchange (subsidy-eligible plans)
, simply click the On-Exchange button below to run quotes, apply for your subsidy, and enroll in your plan all in one place. This will take about 10 minutes start to finish.

On-Exchange Quoting and Enrollment

Option #2: Off-Exchange (non-subsidy plans), simply click on the Off-Exchange button below and run quotes. Once you find the plan you want then simply come back here and click on that insurance carrier’s logo below to enroll in your chosen plan. This will take about 10 minutes start to finish.


Once you have found the Off-Exchange plan you like then you can select the carrier link below to enroll directly with that carrier.

Off-Exchange Enrollment links: