If you’re considering full-time RVing or even hitting the road more frequently, you may have questions about how to get the vision care you need on the road. Costco Optical offers RVers an easy and affordable way to get optical care on the road.

Optical Care That Costs Less

The national average cost of an eye exam without insurance can cost you anywhere from $180-$250 depending on a variety of factors, like where you live and whether you’re a new patient or a returning patient.

The good news is that a Costco Optical Eye Exam hovers right around $95 nationwide.

We’re new to vision care so we’ve never needed vision insurance in the past. Fortunately, even without vision insurance, Costco was reasonably priced (in the world of health care, anyway.) This brings us to the next point…

Woman examines frames at Costco.

Costco Optical Accepts Most Vision Insurance

Costco now accepts most vision insurance plans according to their website. Obviously, every plan is different, but typically this will result in a lower copay than the full cost of an eye exam without insurance.

Costco offers frames, prescription lenses, contacts, sunglasses, and eye care from a licensed Optometrist on-site. They even have their own Kirkland Signature HD progressive lenses. No matter your eyewear needs, Costco will have you covered.

Nationwide Availability with Costco Optical

What’s better than affordable vision care that accepts most insurance? Accessibility from anywhere in the country!

As many RVers know, it can be so tough getting consistent medical, dental, and vision care while on the road. It’s a hassle always searching out new doctors in your current area who take your insurance and also have availability (we’ve witnessed 3+ month waits for primary care physicians to dentists to hair stylists).

The great news is you can visit Costco Optical anywhere throughout the country and typically there’s only a 1-2 day wait with “drop-in” availability in between available appointment times.

Not only that, but your records are right there in the system for the next Costco Optometrist you visit. No more having your medical records faxed or explaining your eye care needs over and over. With Costco, it’s your one-stop shop across the nation.

Costco Optical accepts most kinds of Vision Insurance

Finding the Right Vision Insurance for You and Your Family

If you’re like us and love the thrill of full-time RV living, Costco Optical can offer you an easy and affordable way to get your vision needs met on the road. But it’s also important to have the right insurance so you can travel with ease and still have all your needs met.

When it comes to finding an insurance plan that travels with you as an RVer, and includes a vision option, the agents at RVer Insurance Exchange can help! You can call them directly at (800) 867-4330 or if you’d rather click than call, get a free online quote here.

As an RVer, it’s crucial that you understand the nuance (and failure) of ACA deductibles. Get a policy that truly works for RVers with RVerInsurance.com.

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