Refinancing Your RV

Refinancing your RV is a great option. Interest rates fluctuate with the economy. The length of RV loans means that interest rates could change significantly within the lifetime of that loan. It’s a good idea to know what interest rate you originally paid when you purchased your RV. If you see that interest rates have dropped, even just a couple of percentage points, refinancing could save you thousands of dollars.

Your credit status also changes. When you first purchased your RV, perhaps you were newly married or had just started a new job. Now, a few years into that RV loan you have an established career and better credit under your belt. If prime lending rates are favorable, refinancing your RV is a great opportunity to inject some additional funds into your budget.

Even small percentages can make a difference. Just a 2% drop in lending rates can mean an extra $30 – $300 in your pocket every month, depending on the size and duration of the loan. Lower interest rates save you money and give you a better chance to pay loans off sooner, which looks great on your credit. If you have a large RV loan and paid a high interest rate, consider refinancing your RV loan.

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 TIP: Avoid gimmick financing, such as: “get money back when you finance with us”

Your current RV loan may have a high interest rate. RV Refinancing might be for you.

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RV Financing Rates

If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. When an RV dealer offers interest rates that are less than the current Prime Lending Rate, there is some catch involved. Be wary and do your homework.

RV Financing for used RVs

Pre-owned RVs can be financed. Typically RVs need to be 15 years old or newer for financing. Term length will vary on the age and price of the RV, as well as the amount of down payment.

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Extended Warranties

Don’t forget to protect your newly financed RV with RV Extended Warranty Coverage.