What is RV Financing?

For those looking to finance an RV for the first time, you’ll find that RV financing is a unique experience. The higher the cost of the RV, the closer it is to being financed more like a home than a vehicle. While a small travel trailer may only be financed for 5 years, financing a luxury motorhome could be as long as 20 years. Most RVs fall somewhere in the middle.

RV loans typically require a 10% down payment. Whereas your home, which may have originally cost just as much, was probably 5% down. Bear in mind that your home is typically a 30 year loan, while RV loans will max at 20 years. There is also usually a limit as to how old of an RV you can finance. Pre-owned vehicles and homes can almost always be financed in some way, regardless of age.

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 TIP: Avoid gimmick financing, such as: “get money back when you finance with us”

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Questions about RV Financing?

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RV Financing Rates

If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. When an RV dealer offers interest rates that are less than the current Prime Lending Rate, there is some catch involved. Be wary and do your homework.

RV Financing for used RVs

Pre-owned RVs can be financed. Typically RVs need to be 15 years old or newer for financing. Term length will vary on the age and price of the RV, as well as the amount of down payment.

Extended Warranties

Don’t forget to protect your newly financed RV with RV Extended Warranty Coverage.