Health Insurance is complicated enough. When you factor in the special needs of RVers and add in time sensitive Open Enrollment dates, it gets even more so. Open Enrollment 2021 is winding down. The Medicare Open Enrollment Period ends on December 7th. This is your chance to enroll in a Medicare Part D plan, or supplement your coverage with a Medicare Supplemental Plan.

Affordable Care Act Enrollment runs through December 15th. RVers that are not old enough to enroll in Medicare need to find good healthcare coverage that is suitable for the special needs of RVers.

RVers Need a Personal Touch for Open Enrollment 2021

If you stretched all the websites offering online forms for Open Enrollment end to end you would get lost, as well as wasted a lot of time. As RVers, most of those websites can’t help you. A site such as RVer Insurance, and more importantly the caring faces behind that website, understand the special needs of RVers. The insurance agents at RVer Insurance are or have been RVers, many of them full timers. They understand the special requirements an RV owner has when buying health insurance coverage.

RVers Need a Personal Touch for Open Enrollment 2021
RVers Need a Personal Touch for Open Enrollment 2021

More than Just an Open Enrollment Form

After you submit your information for a Free Health Insurance Quote, the team at RVer Insurance looks over your data and then they contact you. Yes, real people that care will call you to get more information about your particular needs. They will find out what things are important to you. They’ll do a Needs Analysis, and then educate you on the various options available and compare plans. They will help you make a final decision on your 2021 Open Enrollment, not dictate to you what you must buy. 

No Pressure

The agents at RVer Insurance stay with you and become your representative for the life of the policy, they want you to be happy with your choices. Because they will maintain that close relationship with you, they don’t pressure you to buy a policy you aren’t thrilled with. In an era of faceless digital relationships, RVer Insurance agents maintain that old-school service mentality of yesteryear. RVer Insurance representatives are the next best thing to walking into your local insurance agent’s office…and you don’t even need a mask!

Don’t Delay, Enroll Today 

If you’ve been delaying your 2021 Open Enrollment due to uncertain times and social restrictions, delay no longer. Get a free quote or contact our agents today and get your health insurance needs taken care of today.