RVer Insurance Exchange’s 2020 Guide to Health Plan Options for RVers

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The following chart provides quick and convenient access to all of our primary health plan offerings. For a full description of these plans you will need to continue scrolling down the page.

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Here Is Your 2020 Healthcare Plan Guide for RVers:

Our Top Tip!

The #1 tip we recommend for RVers, regardless of which health plan option you choose below, is to have a good telemedicine plan while traveling. This will give you 365 days/24 hours access to a USA board-certified doctor via phone or video no matter where you are in the country. According to doctors, about 70% of all office visits can be handled via phone or video. Having a telemedicine plan will save you both time and money as well as the nuisance of driving to and sitting in a sick waiting room! Our telemedicine plan, HealthiestYou by Teladoc, is the best one out there because it is low-cost and does not have any limits on use. Go here or click the logo to see all the details and enroll your entire household for $20/month with unlimited free consultations included!


Option #1 Affordable Care Act Coverage (BEST OPTION for pre-existing conditions and subsidy eligible, but naitonwide coverage is hard to find)

If you are looking for a more comprehensive overview of the ACA then you can get that by clicking here and also here (great resource at Kaiser Foundation).

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Subsidy eligible, no medical underwriting.

Otherwise known as ‘Obamacare’ this is Major Medical health insurance like you would obtain from the Federal Marketplace or your state’s exchange. These, and only these, are subsidy-eligible plans. However, it is getting increasingly difficult to find nationwide PPO coverage options on the Marketplace exchange. But, if you can find one, and you have pre-existing health conditions and/or qualify for a subsidy then this may be the best option for you. There is NO MEDICAL UNDERWRITING with this option.

If you do enroll in an ACA plan but can only get HMO, EPO, or limited regional PPO coverage then a great strategy is to add on the United Healthcare Fixed Benefit plan. See Option #3 below or click here for details.

You must enroll for these plans during the annual Open Enrollment unless you have a special circumstance (like changing state of residency): November 1, 2019 to December 15, 2019 for 2020 coverage.

See if you qualify for a subsidy, get quotes, and enroll in an ACA plan right here. This is our new enrollment platform that is FAST, SECURE, and SIMPLER than going to Healthcare.gov. 2020 Rates may not show up there before November 1, 2019.

If you decide to go with an ACA plan without nationwide coverage and you are an active person (hiking, biking, etc.) I’d recommend adding an accident policy to your ACA coverage at the very least since these plans cover you anywhere in the country.

For all ACA shopping, quoting, and enrolling we recommend using the trusted Health Sherpa website by clicking the Health Sherpa logo below:


Option #2 Nationwide PPO plans for SELF-EMPLOYED BUSINESS OWNERS (BEST OPTION for Nationwide Coverage if Self-Employed). 

 UPDATED 10/15/2019: We now have access to 6 plans for self-employed business owners under the Premier Plans below. All 6 are offer a nationwide PPO network, comprehensive coverage, and year-round enrollment opportunities.

Get Premier Plan Quotes! (use access code KHTX5445)

Must be self-employed, Must be relatively healthy. 

We now have 3 plans 6 plans to choose from if you are a self-employed business owner. You can not be fully retired and qualify for these plans. If, however, you or your spouse/partner work 30+ hours per week then this may be a great option for you.

We have been granted exclusive access to these plans through an arrangement with the plans’ administrator and the workers’ union that offers the plans. Union membership is required and built into the premiums. All rates and details can be found once you access the enrollment sites via the enrollment links. You will need access code khtx5445 to view the plans, rates, and application.

Available to residents of ALL 50 STATES! Nationwide provider networks!

  • You need to be relatively healthy to qualify for these plans. Any surgery in the past 6 months or scheduled in the next 12 months will likely disqualify you. If you are taking expensive medications at the time of application you will likely not qualify. Type I diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension are okay if there aren’t other additional pre-existing conditions. Contact Us if you are unsure if you qualify.
  • Since these are workers’ association plans, the named primary applicant must be working 30+ hrs per week at the time of application. There are no specific income requirements.
  • You can not be fully retired and qualify for these plans.
  • Plans cover most preventive care at 100%, in addition to being a comprehensive medical plans.
  • Plans are available for individuals and families.
  • Plans are not subsidy eligible (only ACA plans are eligible for subsidy).
  • Nationwide coverage with excellent networks.
  • Enrollment is OPEN Year Round in all 50 states! You must apply by midnight of the 17th in order to get covered by the 1st of the following month.

Click on the links below to view the details, rates, provider networks and to enroll. Simply choose your self-employment industry category after clicking through the link below and proceed to get a quote. Contact Kyle if you have any questions. 

These plans are offered through industry-specific associations. Proof of self-employment is NOT required. Plan rates are not based on your age so this is a particularly good option for age 50+ business owners. National PPO Network.

From a current happy client with this option…

I signed up with you in 2017 for Cigna 3000 PPO. In January 2018, I suffered a heart attack and they covered it all . . . I found out recently that the plan auto renewed for the 2019 year. I couldn’t be happier. Not only is it a much better plan than I can get through the marketplace, its also at a much lower cost. I’d like you to know that this plan has taken good care of me at a very reasonable rate. I’m not sure if you still offer this plan, but I would recommend it.

Option #3  NEW Fixed Benefit Indemnity Insurance from United HealthOne (BEST VALUE for Nationwide Insurance Coverage, MOST POPULAR among our clients in 2019)

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** This is the plan we chose for our family of 3 in 2019. We have been happy with it and are keeping it in 2020 **

We are thrilled to introduce a new Fixed Benefit Medical plan to the RV community. Although these are not ‘Obamacare’ ACA plans (therefore not eligible for subsidy) they offer nationwide benefits to RVers that most ACA plans can not offer. Fixed Benefit plans offer a cash benefit payout when you have an illnesses or accident and can be an excellent alternative to expensive major-medical insurance.

But what about the ACA penalty? Effective January 1, 2019 that penalty is gone. Plans like this, which were popular before the ACA penalized people for having them, are coming back now that there is no more individual share responsibility penalty.

These plans could either be used to supplement an ACA plan that doesn’t have a nationwide network to give you nationwide benefits or as a stand-alone nationwide plan. You can apply for these plans any time of the year. There are no deadlines or enrollment periods.

This fixed benefit insurance pays for hospitals services, emergency room, air and ground ambulance, surgery (including assistant surgeon, facility, and anesthesia fees), doctor visits (including second opinions), wellness and preventive, prescriptions drugs, diagnostic lab and imaging, and more.

Health ProtectorGuard and Core Access (same plan, different name in some states like SD) from United HealthOne is an excellent Fixed Benefit plan that  allows you to use any licensed doctor or hospital in the country! You can also take advantage of the network discounts using the PHCS Multiplan Network.

Why do we consider this the best fixed benefit indemnity plan out there? Here’s why…

1) it offers the highest payment schedule we have seen for fixed benefit plans,

2) See any licensed medical doctor or hospital in the country. Or use the PHCS (Multiplan.com) network to get contracted rates on services. No negotiating with providers necessary!

3) It is offered by United HealthOne, the largest healthcare company in the world and “A Rated” (By AM BEST),

4) It’s benefits are pretty extensive with $0 deductible options, and perhaps most importantly,

5) the Health ProtectorGuard plans from United Healthcare have unlimited annual and unlimited lifetime benefit maximums — something you are not likely to find from any other fixed benefit plan in the country.

Plan Brochure can be viewed by clicking here.

Look up any other zip code here

Instructions for Quoting/Enrollment:

  1. Click Instant Quotes below and provide your zip code and date of birth,
  2. Scroll down to the Health ProtectorGuard plans under Hospital & Doctor Fixed Indemnity (or Core Access – as it is called in some states). Choose up to 4 plans to get rates for (I recommend comparing the 2 Preferred and 2 Value plans) and then click View Plans to see your rates.
  3. It’s important that you select your COUNTY if prompted or else it will show “no plans available”. 
  4. Once you pick your plan then simply click “add to cart” under your plan choice and checkout to access the simple online application.

Want A Quote for this United HealthOne plan?

You can either run your own instant quotes by clicking here or request a custom quote from us by entering your zip code below and completing the short form:

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But, what about the risks of having a fixed-benefit insurance plan like this instead of a major medical health insurance plan? We considered that as well as we looked at our own options for health insurance. We weighed the cost of an ACA plan ($1200/month for our family of 3 for an HMO plan with $7000+ deductible and only good in Texas) vs this option (we pay $605/month for our family for the top-Primary Preferred Health ProtectorGuard plan). When we did our own risk-benefit analysis and considered the likelihood of an expensive hospital stay and the average cost of a hospital stay (we found this article and this study to be very helpful in our decision-making process), we concluded that the cost savings was worth the relatively low risk of needing more coverage than this plan would provide. Of course, you have to do your own research, draw your own conclusions, and determine what is an acceptable risk for you and your family.


Option #4 Short Term Medical – A GREAT OPTION in 2020 for Nationwide Coverage.

There is legislation that became effective October 1, 2018 that makes it possible to get a Short Term Medical plan for up to 364 days and to renew it for up to 3 years! However, not every insurance company nor state has adopted these rules.

Short Term Medical plans are medically underwritten so they will be most suitable for healthy individuals without pre-existing conditions or expensive medications. Keep in mind that when you renew a STM plan you have to medically qualify each renewal term. So, if you have a medical situation occur while enrolled in a STM they can not drop your coverage but they can deny you the option to renew it at the end of your term.

** ALL of our Short Term Medical plan options below provide NATIONWIDE COVERAGE! **

We now offer 2 options for Short Term Medical: National General or IHC Group

Both of these carriers offer excellent nationwide coverage, but for residents of WA state IHC Group is not available. Click on a logo below to get quotes and enroll in Short Term Medical! Both companies have National PPO Networks!


Need Help?

Contact Kyle if you need assistance with choosing a Short Term Medical plan. Kyle can customize a plan to meet your needs and budget!

South Dakota: Get STM for up to 12 months with National General, 6 months with IHC Group. (Important: when running quotes for National General below be sure and select your county from the dropdown menu or else it will show “no plans available”! Box Elder, SD zip code is 57719 Pennington County)

Texas and Florida: Get STM for up to 364 days with IHC Group, 12 months from National General (Livingston, TX zip code is 77399 Polk County), and now a 3 year TriTerm plan from United Healthcare in Florida!

Need a different zip code? Look up any zip code here!

More Good News For Florida Residents!

United Healthcare now offers a 3 year short term medical plan with nationwide coverage to Florida residents called Tri Term! Also available in AL, AR, GA, KY, LA, MS & NC.

Click here for full details on the new TriTerm plans.

Click below for quotes on the new United Healthcare TriTerm medical plans:

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Non-Insurance Option: Health Care Sharing Ministry (HCSM) Plan from OneShare

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There are many HCSM plans out there but we have chosen OneShare plans for their simplicity, nationwide availability, low cost and nationwide network. We also like that they do not require you to be of any particular faith in order to join. Most HCSMs require proof of Christian faith whereas OneShare does not.

Please note that HCSM plans are not insurance but are ministry-based.

Network is the large PHCS Network: Click Here

For all OneShare plan options, details, rates and enrollment please click here!


We understand it can be overwhelming when looking at these options and the comparison chart (below) to try and decide what is the BEST option for YOU. But, please understand there is no one-size-fits-all here. You will have to weigh your options carefully before deciding for yourself which option makes the most sense for you and your family.

The first question to ask yourself is, “what’s most important to me?”.

Is it monthly cost? Out of pocket costs (i.e deductibles)? Nationwide coverage? Using a subsidy? Avoiding the penalty (no longer applies)? Covering your pre-existing conditions? You will have to consider the importance of each of these categories before deciding which healthcare plan strategy to have in place for 2020 and beyond.

So let’s look briefly at each of these separately…

If MONTHLY COST is the most important factor to you…

Then you will need to determine if you qualify for a subsidy first. You can do that by running quotes at our ACA enrollment page right here. If you qualify for a subsidy and MONTHLY COST is the most important factor to you then a ACA plan is probably your best option since none of the other options can be used with a subsidy. If you do not qualify for a subsidy, however, you will probably find any of the other options offer a 30-70% lower cost option than an ACA plan.

If you primarily want MAJOR MEDICAL Health Insurance…

Then you will want to select an ACA plan or, if you are self-employed, you can consider the Premier Plans.

If you primarily want PREVENTIVE ROUTINE CARE benefits…

Then you will want to consider either an ACA plan and Premier Plans since these options include FULL ACA-required preventive care with ZERO out of pocket costs to members. But, we advise against purchasing a plan solely based on this offering since the largest risk of loss with healthcare is not routine preventive care but rather extended hospitalization.

If NATIONWIDE COVERAGE is the most important factor to you…

Then you may want to consider alternatives to ACA coverage like the Premier Plans, United Healthcare Fixed-Benefit or OneShare. All of these alternatives give you nationwide coverage. There are very few ACA plans that will give you this nationwide coverage for anything other than a medical emergency. There are NONE in Arizona, South Dakota, or Texas (popular RVer domicile states). Florida Blue* remains a good ACA option for Florida residents that still allows members to use the national Blue Cross Blue Shield network when traveling outside of Florida.

If AVOIDING THE TAX PENALTY is the most important factor to you (It shouldn’t be in 2020!)…

The individual mandate tax penalty has been REPEALED since 2019 so this is really a non-issue.

Don’t lose sight of the reason you are buying healthcare coverage: to protect yourself against a significant financial loss in the event of a major medical situation.

If you are unhealthy and have extensive PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS…

Then the choice is clear: You need an ACA plan. ACA plans are the only option that will cover all pre-existing conditions on day 1 without waiting periods. Same with prescriptions. If you have lots of prescriptions you need coverage for then an ACA plan is your best option. Most alternative healthcare options will give you discounts on prescriptions but will not give you a “copay” structure like ACA plans—although many ACA plans do subject you to your plan deductible first. Some ACA alternatives will cover pre-existing conditions after a 12-24 month waiting period.

 Prescriptions Tip: We suggest ALL RVers use our FREE GoodRx Discount Card program right here, regardless of what healthcare option you choose. GoodRx has a great reputation for getting the best Rx discounts in the industry.

We often get asked, “What do YOU have for coverage?”..

For my family (Kyle), we are healthy, have residency in Texas, and do not qualify for a subsidy. So, we have chosen to go with the United Healthcare Fixed Benefit (option #3 above) for our 2020 health insurance just like we did in 2019.

We encourage you to not make your choice based on what somebody else has chosen because your situation is unique to you. Case in point: There are 3 health insurance agents here at the RVer Insurance Exchange and each of us has chosen a different option above based on budget, health, lifestyle, risk aversion, and location. We strongly urge you to consider all of your options and make the choice that makes the most sense to you.

Other Recommendations…

Here are 2 additional items we suggest you give consideration to:

  1. Consider adding an Accident, Hospitalization or Indemnity policy to whichever option you choose if you have a high deductible or don’t have nationwide coverage. An ACI plan can help cover first-dollar expenses if you have an accident or specified illness. This is a particularly good idea for ACA plans with high deductibles and/or lacking nationwide coverage. Click Here for details.
  2. As always we suggest every RVer enroll in our Telemedicine plan so that you can get telephone consultations anywhere in the country. Some of the options in the chart above include a Telemedicine plan but most do not. You can join our very popular Telemedicine program by clicking here. It’s low-cost, convenient, and can save you a lot of time and money if you need to consult with a doctor. It also includes discounts on prescriptions, dental, vision, hearing, and more.

If you currently have an ACA plan…

ACA has automatic re-enrollment each January. So if you are happy with your ACA plan, it is still available, and your income is not changing from previous years, then you can use the re-enrollment fallback if you want to. However, we suggest re-shopping your plan since there may be better plans available to you that were not available previously. Additionally, it is very important to report income changes to the Marketplace if you are receiving a subsidy.

Your insurance company will send you a letter if your current plan is not being offered the next year.


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