Who is Controlling your Health?

This article is written to encourage you to take your time to completely understand how your health insurance policy will take care of you when you need it the most. 

Who is controlling your health, you or your insurance company? When something happens to our health we always want to seek the best care possible. Another important factor is who is controlling your costs while you are receiving medical care? 

Who’s In Charge? You or Your Health Insurance Provider?

Here is a true story that happened recently to a multiple-illness client. Imagine having to deal with multiple health issues at one time. You are seeking care from two different doctors . One medical condition requires a surgery. You visit a surgeon you are referred to by your primary care. How would you react if the surgeon tells you “I want to know your life expectancy with regards to the other medical condition before I decide to operate on you to prevent you dying from the other medical condition”.  Most people’s instinct would be to find a new surgeon. Can you? Will your insurance allow you to shop providers to your hearts content?

RVing Is a Physical Activity

Our health is our most important asset. For RVers it becomes even more important because RVing is a physical activity. If you found yourself in a situation that required proactive and immediate care, do you completely understand your coverage and benefit restrictions? 

As licensed health insurance agents who daily help people find the coverage that meets their personal needs, one of our first questions is “How are you insured now?” Most people cannot even tell us without looking it up first to see what their deductible is, and how office visits are covered…let alone how their health insurance policy might cover them in an out-of-network situation. Are they covered completely or on a limited basis? 

If you are an RVer you have to be even more diligent and educated than the average consumer. You need to have an understanding of the nuances of traveling with an insurance card in your wallet. Meaning, you must know the quality of your health insurance policy and aspects that are not easy to notice, but may be extremely important. If you were to find yourself on the road in the situation above how would your health insurance policy work? 

Who is controlling your health, you or your insurance company?

Coleen Elkins – Managing General Agent at RV Insurance Benefits

How Can I Know?

RVer Insurance agents not only answer your questions, but we ask you them as well and we listen to the answers. We find out what is important to you specifically in order for you to have confidence that you have control of your health care. During the process of assisting you we give you multiple options and then help you manage and use your policy when it is place. Your agent is always a phone call away. 

Under age 65 health insurance and Medicare Open Enrollment are on the horizon for 2023. Plan for 2023 with the same enthusiasm you plan you next RVing adventure and we promise you “Peace of Mind” for your health. Visit RVerInsurance.com for more information.

Coleen Elkins

Coleen Elkins

Coleen Elkins is the Managing General Agent at RV Insurance Benefits, and has been a full-time RVer since 2008.