If you would’ve asked us two and a half years ago, when we started this journey, if we needed healthcare on the road – we would’ve said “no way.” We’re young, we’re healthy, we’ll be all set with just an annual checkup.

Life has a funny way of humbling you though, doesn’t it? Especially with this lifestyle. See 5 Times We Were Grateful For Health Insurance on the Road for more on that.

One thing we learned very quickly in our travels was how convenient telehealth was for us as full-time RVers. Michigan is home for us, but the whole reason we started this lifestyle was to not be anywhere near Michigan when the frigid winters roll in. And if you know Michigan at all, that means we’d have to stay away for a good 9 months of the year.

But if you’re nowhere near home and you need medical attention or a medical opinion, where do you turn?

We turned to Telehealth.

Father and Daughter use mobile phone for Telehealth session.

Telehealth with Our Primary Care Doctors

When the world came to a screeching halt in 2020, the world learned to adapt and get on with life through the screen – including in the healthcare world. Many doctor’s offices learned to create robust and efficient ways of continuing to care for patients through online video calls, commonly referred to as Telehealth.

Court needed to follow up with her primary physician back home in Michigan, but we were all the way in Arizona. Fortunately, a Telehealth visit allowed her to talk with her doctor, make sure everything was ok, and then move on. It was so quick and easy. No office visit required.

Obviously, the caveat here is that your doctor’s office has to be willing to work with you via telehealth, and some visits will still need to be in person. But for a large majority of what we needed, telehealth through the doctor’s office was just fine.

Telehealth Through CVS Minute Clinic

For a stint at the beginning of our travels, we didn’t have insurance. We were in Florida and Court had come down with, what we’d come to find out would be, a double ear infection and a sinus infection.

She was feeling miserable, it was raining non-stop, and having had ear infections her whole life – she was pretty confident she knew what was happening.

She posted an Instagram Story telling our online friends how terrible she was feeling, and a friend of ours whose a nurse responded telling her to go to CVS’ online Minute Clinic.

We had never heard of the Minute Clinic but after a quick Google search found it to be a lifesaver. You can go to a Minute Clinic (now) in person or through an “E-Clinic” visit as they call it. We were right in the midst of COVID at the time, so we only had the option of an online visit.

So we found a super convenient way to be able to see a doctor, but the next concern was the cost. Minute Clinic quickly put those worries to rest though, charging only $59 for those who don’t have insurance.

And probably the most helpful part of all is that video visits are available 24/7/365. Any time you need to see a doctor, one is available. Super helpful and reassuring.

Man shows doctor on phone screen his throat.

Between the Minute Clinic visit and an antibiotic prescription that the CVS pharmacist gave us a coupon for – we spent $75 for the whole ordeal, without insurance.

Telehealth Included with Insurance

About 7 months into our new lifestyle, I changed employers and with the new job came new benefits. We upgraded to being fully insured adults. That felt nice.

With our current insurance, Telehealth is an included benefit. We can still have the option to make a Telehealth appointment with our primary doctor for $45, or we could choose to talk to a doctor in under 5 mins for $0. There’s a time and place for both options.

If you’re working with a primary doctor for an ongoing issue, stick with that option. But if you’re struggling with seasonal allergies or a rash or if you need a doctor to call in an inhaler when you have COVID, telehealth is a much more convenient and affordable way of getting help.

Doctor on Demand even offers mental health options as well.

Finding The Best Options for RVers

There are dozens of telehealth options that were born out of our time in quarantine, and for RVers – it’s still a really great way of getting health care on the road. Not only is it a hassle trying to find doctors who have availability for a new patient as you travel, but it’s also tough to coordinate availability with your route. Sometimes you just need something simple from a healthcare professional, and during those times we turn to Telehealth.

When it comes to finding an insurance plan that travels with you, is perfect for RVers, and includes a Telehealth option, the agents at RVer Insurance Exchange are ready to help. You can call them directly at (800) 867-4330 or just get a free online quote. As an RVer, it’s crucial that you understand the nuance (and failure) of ACA deductibles. Get a policy that truly works for RVers with RVerInsurance.com.

Life with Beth and Court

Life with Beth and Court

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