NEW ACA-Compliant Nationwide Cigna-Network PPO Plan Now Available in All 50 States!

The following video (8 minutes) goes over the plan details and enrollment instructions:


  • Available for November 1, 2017 start date
    • Must apply be 19th of previous month for a 1st of month start date
  • ACA-compliant Major Medical Health Insurance
  • NOT subsidy-eligible, off-exchange only
  • Covers all Essential Health Benefits
  • Nationwide Network (Cigna Open Access Plus)
  • Available in all 50 states!
  • Covers Prescriptions as required by ACA
  • Has out-of-pocket maximums as required by ACA
  • No maximum benefit limit as required by ACA
  • Covers pre-existing conditions if you qualify for the plan
  • This is a Group Health Insurance Plan
  • Simple health questionnaire required to be accepted into group
    • Requires primary applicant to be working 30 hrs per week, so not available for fully retired
    • Self-employment is okay, Home-business is okay
    • No employment verification is required, self-stated question only
  • These plans are NOT HSA-eligible
  • Enrollment is open year-round so you do not need to enroll during Open Enrollment
  • Still have questions about this plan? Email Kyle or call (302) 943-0318!


** IMPORTANT: When clicking Join Now below and choosing a plan be sure and click on ELITE SERIES 2 on the enrollment site. Then enter Code KHTX5445 (See screenshots at the bottom of this page) **


View the Cigna PPO Open Access Plus Network (Click Here) 

View plan Rx Formulary here (click here)


Screenshots of enrollment process are below…

Step 1: Click Join Now and Choose Major Medical from the Top Menu Bar:


Step 2: Choose Elite Series 2 under Major Medical:


Step 3: If prompted, enter ACCESS Code “KHTX5445”:


Step 4: Review the plans, then click Enroll Now beneath the plan you want:


Step 5: Start Enrollment by clicking “Applicant Enrollment”:

From there you will be prompted to choose your state (state of legal residence) and proceed with health questions and application.

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