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As I have been shouting ever since launching the RVer Health Insurance website (pre-RVer Insurance Exchange) back in 2012, the #1 pro-active step you can take to keep your healthcare costs down is to take care of your health to the absolute best of your ability! Well, now we are going to help you do that! I’ve long wanted to bring some options to the RV community for healthier living but but just didn’t quite know what approach to take until now. I can personally vouch for the accuracy of the incredible story of transformation that you are going to read below. Margie and Allen Lundy (and their 3 fantastically entertaining kids) were some of the very first people we met on the road as full time RVers in 2011. Aside from pretty much having “rock star” status among RVers, they are just great people. It’s a been a real privilege to know this family and to be able to share their story with you all…

There’s never a better time to get healthy than right now. Lose weight, gain energy, lose medications, and gain freedom!

Fulltime RVers Allen and Margie Lundy went on a mission to lose weight, but what they gained was much more impressive. After losing 95 pounds together, in only four months, they gained health, energy, financial freedom, and they regained their sense of adventure!

After hitting the road with their three children in 2010, they explored 48 states, roadschooling, hiking, kayaking, and looking for adventure. Last year though, the Lundys slowed down a little, feeling they were just getting older and tired of traveling. But after meeting another fulltime RVing family who were health coaches, the Lundys realized they weren’t tired of adventure, they were just tired! 
Ready to turn that around, they dove into health coaching themselves, knowing it would keep them accountable and focused on their health journey. As they learned that simple nutrition was the key, they shared their story with others as they lost weight with the easiest program they’d ever tried. In just four months, they reached their ideal weights – weights neither of them had seen since high school – while helping hundreds of others get healthy too.

Margie AllenAllen lost 55 pounds and Margie lost 40 and they’ve maintained their weight ever since, using the habits of health they learned through their health coaching program. 
They love health coaching and seeing people’s lives changed, as they lose weight, but even more importantly, get off medication for diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other weight-related issues.

Their program was designed by a physician for these concerns, to help people avoid needing medication and medical treatment. It’s extremely rewarding for them to help friends, family, and fellow campers to regain control of their health. The Lundys love making nutrition easy, so that people can live lives full of adventure! 
Imagine what your life would be like if you waved a magic wand and you were at your ideal weight and health. What would be different for you? How would that affect your daily life and the lives of those around you? Keep that picture in mind, because it’s actually possible, and much easier than you think!

The three areas they coach are healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy finances, because they are intertwined. If you are suffering in one of these areas, the others are affected. Their program makes nutrition easy for those looking for healthy bodies. That includes weight, but also sleep, energy, and physical activity.

A healthy mind includes fulfillment, hobbies, relationships, and community involvement.

Healthy finances include abundance, freedom, money management, and saving. Each area affects the next. If you have no energy, you probably aren’t making time for hobbies or relationships. If you don’t have the finances for hobbies, you probably aren’t sleeping or relaxing well. The great news is, as any area improves, so will the others!

There are four components to this amazing program. The first is your free health coach. Allen and Margie are certified through Villanova University and they have the tools to simplify nutrition and make your health journey easy, safe, and effective. The second is a supportive community that will surround you with encouragement and motivation. A private Facebook group, weekly video calls, plus doctors, nurses, and nutritionists on call all offer great information and support. The third is the habits of health system, including a book and workbook that really teach you about your body and nutrition. There are many resources to help you change your habits for your long term optimal well being. The fourth is rapid weight loss, which comes from our nutritional fuelings.

These tools are designed to provide the right nutrition, burn fat, and protect lean muscle, and they include options such as all-natural, non-GMO, and added probiotics. They help you achieve rapid weight loss, better sleep, no hunger or cravings, and increased energy. 
With their weight loss plan, you eat six times a day, every two to three hours. The five fuelings are done for you and are nutritionally balanced, grab and go meals. With over eighty choices, there is no guess work or food preparation! The one meal that you prepare is a lean & green meal of protein and vegetables, and there is a guide to make that easy, whether you make it at home or dine out.
The fuelings are the only part of the program you pay for. So you only buy the food you eat, making this program cost-neutral since you already buy food. Many people actually save money in the program, because they don’t “drive through” for unplanned meals or grab snacks throughout the day.

Getting healthy is a journey and losing weight is actually a very small part of it. Focus on the much bigger part after that, which is living a longer, healthier life. Coaching, community, habits, plus nutritional fuelings will give you long term optimal health. If you’re ready to reduce your medications, need fewer costly doctor visits, gain energy for the fun things you want to enjoy, and just feel good, inside and outside, give this program a try. There is no cost to join and no commitment, just the potential for improving your health and feeling so much better.

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