Looking For Information about the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) Health Plan?

Scroll down to read our review and details of the New Era Fixed Benefit Health Plan offered to FMCA Members and how it compares the United HealthOne Fixed Benefit Health Plan offered by RVer Insurance Exchange.

 These are not ACA ‘Obamacare’ plans and should not be mistaken for ‘major medical health insurance’. Instead these are fixed-benefit health plans that indemnify either you or your medical provider for medical services rendered at a fixed benefit level.

Lately we have been getting asked about the new healthcare plan that the FMCA is offering its members-only. They are promoting it but the details are elusive to say the least. Well, we’ve got you covered. The plan being offered by FMCA is a fixed-benefit health plan offered from New Era/Philadelphia American insurance companies (rated B++ ‘good’ by A.M. Best). This is also the same health plan being offered by a new RV Club called Road Life Project.

We also offer a fixed-benefit health plan to the RV community and feel strongly that ours is far better than the one you can get from the FMCA (which you have to have a 2 year membership to purchase).

The annual and lifetime limits on the United Healthcare plan are unlimited whereas the New Era plans have limits. Overall the United Healthcare simply offers better protection in virtually every category. But don’t take our word for it! We have taken the top plans from FMCA’s offering and the top plans from our United Healthcare options and placed them side-by-side for you to compare.

In addition to the overview comparison below we also have the complete benefit details available for you to compare in closer detail at the bottom of the comparison chart below.

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