Here are our various contact phone numbers and emails:

ALL Health Insurance Inquiries: Please click here to read our Guide before contacting us to make the most of our time together

contact Kyle Henson for inquiries about Health Insurance and Medicare, Telemedicine, Short Term Medical.

contact Portia LaVigne for all inquires about US HEALTH ADVISORS (Portia will also help you compare all of your health insurance options for free. Her phone is or book a call with here by clicking here)

contact Greg Schoenberg for all inquiries about ACA plan options in WA, OR, and AZ

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Why no phone contact listed for health insurance? We want to encourage visitors to read the information on our site first and then email us or book a call (above) to discuss further if needed. If you have an urgent matter then you may call Kyle’s mobile phone at (302) 943-0318.

Auto/RV Insurance Inquiries: call (888) 930-3680 (option 1)

Escapees RV Club: (936) 327-8873 or Join Now!


Our mailing address is:

RVer Insurance Exchange, 156 Rainbow Drive 5667, Livingston, TX 77399

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