(This is for non-Medicare only. Please click here for our always free help with choosing a Medicare plan!)

Find The Best Healthcare Plan Available in All 50 States

Option #1: An Easy Do-It-Yourself Guide (FREE)

It’s no secret to RVers that figuring out health plan options has become pretty complicated. To exacerbate the complexity of it all, annual Open Enrollment windows are getting shorter every year. As much as we would like to, we simply can not help every individual that needs 1-on-1 help. Therefore, we are doing our very best this year to make our FREE Do-It-Yourself guide and enrollment option as simple as possible. You will be able to use this option to compare, pick a plan, and complete your enrollment in 10 minutes or less right on our website, whether you choose an ACA Plan, AlieraCare’s Health Care Sharing plan, our NEW Nationwide Cigna-Network PPO plan, US Health Advisors Indemnity PPO plan, or a Short Term Medical plan. Our ACA enrollment platform is extremely fast (faster than Healthcare.gov) and easy to use…and it’s free to you. You can view the 2018 Guide here.


Option #2: Concierge 1-on-1 Service ($200)

We want to provide the option of  1-on-1 service for those that want more hands-on help. In order to provide that option we are requesting a one-time (fully refundable) $249 $200 concierge fee. This way we can help anyone in any state to navigate all your options. We will charge a fee for these consultations in order to off-set our cost since commissions for ACA plans have mostly been eliminated. This concierge approach will allow us to spend time with those folks that need our help and to impartially shop all options for you. If you choose this option then Kyle Henson will personally handle everything for you. We will spend as much time on the phone as necessary to determine which plan works best for you no matter what state you are a resident of. Kyle will handle the entire enrollment for you over the phone/email and provide email confirmation of completion. Note: We will fully refund 100% of your paid fee if the plan you choose pays broker commissions. If your spouse is a Medicare client of ours then this fee is waived (use coupon code “MEDICARE” at checkout)!

If you pay for our Concierge Service and do not feel like it was worth your investment then simply let us know and we will gladly refund 100% of your money.

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(This is for non-Medicare only! If you are looking for FREE Medicare assistance please click here)


Option #1: Do-It-Yourself Guide
  • Do It Yourself
Option #2: Concierge 1-on-1 Service
  • Concierge 1-on-1 Service from Kyle
  • Full Service Support (before, during, and after)
  • Consultation + ACA Enrollment Assistance
  • Personal Email and Phone Access - Unlimited
  • 100% Refundable (if non-ACA plan is chosen)
  • Available in All 50 States
Medicare with Kyle
  • Book a call with Kyle to discuss Medicare options.

Quick Enrollment Links to 2017/2018 Health Plan Options (as of October 5, 2017):

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Comparison Chart of 2017/2018 Health Plan Options (as of October 5, 2017):

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